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The Colonial Armory Story

I spent 10 years in the US Army, 8 of those as an Officer; I am a life-long gun owner, hunter and 2nd Amendment Advocate. My interest in buying NFA items (such as suppressors) began in 2009. As with many suppressor owners, I found many benefits to shooting suppressed weapons. I also became acutely aware and frustrated with the lack of industry commitment to customer service and product knowledge base.

With the blessing and support of my wife and children, Colonial Armory was born.  Colonial Armory was started with the mission of simplifying the NFA buying process and providing consistent, reliable support and superior customer service. I have had the pleasure of educating many weapon enthusiasts, hosted multiple invitation only range demonstrations, worked with LEOs in 3 states and 4 counties and continue to enjoy building custom ARs for my clientele that will only consider a first class experience.

The Lord has blessed me with the ability to start a business doing something that I love.

I am a NRA life Member, A member of American Suppressor Association, and a shooter and hunter. Nothing is more fun and safer than shooting suppressed with the family.




A few of the many benefits to shooting suppressed:

Reduced sound levels, making the sport of shooting a friendlier and safer environment
Reduced recoil up to 40%
Virtually eliminates muzzle blast. With a few specific brands there is zero muzzle blast
Allows for faster follow-up shots
Increases accuracy

Suppressors make shooting safer and more enjoyable


Not only did I love shooting suppressed weapons, I found that my wife and children love to shoot them as well!