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SAS Arbiter $1004-$1139

Customer Testimonials 

Buying firearms can be extremely frustrating especially dealing with your typical guns and ammo type dealers.  Rarely have I felt those people were truly interested in me and what I wanted, but then I came across Colonial Armory. From my first visit I knew I had stumbled onto something and someone both rare extraordinary.  I met Steve Walker in 2013.  I happened to notice his shop one day by accident and decided to drop in and see what  type place it was.  I found Steve to be extremely amiable as well as knowledgable.  For the first time I had met a gun dealer who was more interested in taking care of me, the customer, rather than just taking my money.  Steve’s knowledge of firearms surpassed anyone’s I had ever known.  His dedication to his craft along with his honesty and integrity, I attribute to his being an officer in the United States Army and his strong belief in God.  In addition, he is a devoted husband and father.  Considering all of these qualities, I am sure you can agree that Colonial Armory is where you want to place your trust when it comes to purchasing quality firearms and anything and everything related.  From custom work to out of the box and ready to fire,  Colonial Armory should be your first choice and only place you will ever need to go for future firearm and firearm related purchases.  

Joseph V. Clemmons, DDS
Lakeland, TN

I was introduced to Steve in early 2016 by a mutual friend. I have since ordered two custom built SBR's, two suppressors, and countless accessories from him. Steve took the class III process, which can seem intimidating and painstaking, and made it easy. His knowledge and customer service is superb. Steve is an Army veteran, father, and all around outstanding person that I am proud to call a friend. If you have a want or need for anything in the firearm world, want great pricing and outstanding service, and want to do business with a true patriot....look no further.
Clint Berkley
Jackson, TN

​With customer service seemingly going to the wayside in America, when someone goes way above and beyond to help I'd like to show thanks and share my experience.
I decided to make my first suppressor purchase this week and reached out to this sections most helpful member. I'm so thankful that I did! Steve (RangerWalker71) immediately responded to my PM questions, that carried onto emails which then carried onto him giving me his personal contact information... (Big mistake on his part haha)
After taking the time to answer my seemingly one million questions after hours, all weekend, and today I selected the SAS Resistor and the SilencerCO Osprey. 

Update: In the last 2 years i have purchased an additional 4 Suppressor from Steve and 5 firearms. 

SB in AZ. 

So I'd like to publicly thank Steve for his help in making this purchase so easy. He knows all brands, and all suppersors. He was open to all brands and not trying to push anything, or any brand he wanted me to get the best cans for my firearms. So thank you Steve you're the business model for customer service especially on NFA items! So as the saying goes on the hide "Deal with confidence". He now has a customer for life, and I'll continue to refer anyone interested in suppersors.

Thank you

​He answered calls and texts. I ordered my first suppressor through him, and am contemplating ordering another before the first even gets here. No one better to deal with when making a first suppressor purchase.

On another note anyone looking for advice on a first suppressor, he's the guy to talk to. Even though I went with the suppressor I had originally been researching, he will ask you what you're looking for in a suppressor and make sure that product does exactly what you're wanting it to do. He doesn't just want you to buy something more expensive, he wants you to be completely happy with what you're getting. Can't beat that.

-Dillon B




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Contact Steve at 816-718-9489


SAS Barricade $905-$1145


In order to purchase a suppressor from your dealer, you must be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the U.S. residing in one of the 42 states that currently allow civilian ownership of suppressors, and be legally eligible to purchase a firearm. Once you are ready to purchase your suppressor, you will submit the following forms and information to the ATF, and your local CLEO, varying slightly depending upon your method of purchase.

Suppressed Armament Systems 
Claymore "Front Towards Enemy"
$975 with Brake, First 10 get a free SAS Tolerance suppressor.

Here are the Spec's for our test weapon. 
Barrel length 17 5/16" No brake 
With brake 18 11/16" 
With suppressor on it is OAL is 22 3/8" 
Additional length is 5 1/16" for suppressor, and Brake. 
weights as well. 
brake 3.4ozs heat treated, Nitrided Coated, 4150 Steel. 
suppressor 12.2 ozs 
standard tomb brake for comparison 3.9 ozs 
Used Federal XM193 Ammo 55gr Average Chrono was 3235 FPS. 

MilSpec meter tested, 10 shot average was 130.79, That is 38.21 DB's of reduction.